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Legacy School of Performing Arts Training Institute (Legacy) is not a K-12 academic school program. We are one of Florida’s newest 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit arts education organizations that serves as a community-based training institute for young gifted and talented children in grades K - 12 to develop and enhance their artistic abilities through the study of music, theater and dance. Historically, we are the first organization of its kind in Gadsden County, Florida, to offer such amazing opportunities for families from all parts of Gadsden County to bring their children to experience the finest training in music, theater, and dance through daily instruction; master classes that expose our students to renowned artists from around the world; concerts that broaden their horizons; and travel opportunities that give them the confidence they need to face the world as well-rounded artists. Legacy provides all of these great opportunities to Gadsden County residents to enjoy life at its best without leaving the community.

 As a thriving non-profit arts organizations it was of great importance for us to become part of the rich, historic culture that Gadsden County offers its residents, which is why we are located in the historic downtown area of Quincy, Florida, which is the county seat of Gadsden County, placing us in a central area for everyone to come support our efforts. More specifically, we are located  at 105 North Madison Street and are nestled between our partnering arts organizations and great historic figures in the community: The Quincy Music Theater and the Gadsden Arts Center.

The greatest historical significance behind  the creation of Legacy is the organization was founded by our executive director, Rasheen Jamison-Richardson, during the greatest economic downturn due to the recession. As a result, the arts were drastically cut from many local, state, and national budgets, preventing arts programs from flourishing in communities and schools. For a rural community such as Gadsden County, Florida, this meant families whose children attended both public and private schools struggled to provide rich arts experiences for their children as the lack of funding brought pressure to school boards and administrators who were now under a mandate to downsize their budgets, and "Teach to the Test" in order to raise school grades.  This meant children who learned through the arts were left  behind, and a solution needed to be created to capture their talent, attention, and hunger for greatness.

During those rough economic years, our founder Rasheen Jamison-Richardson - already having been a three-time graduate of the world renowned Florida State University College of Music - made her way more than 10 years ago to Gadsden County, Florida, after a local principal in Gadsden County told her about the great need there for the arts and children. At that time she heeded the call to help the community in 2004 where she was hired as the choral director at East Gadsden High School. During her tenure at East Gadsden, she was able to break through the barriers of low academic achievement, low morale, and poverty among the students she taught when in 2008 she used her training from FSU College of Music to classically train a group of gifted and talented students for a performance of a lifetime at the world's most prestigious concert venue - Carnegie Hall  in Manhattan, New York. This endeavor was made possible by generous donations made by a large percentage of Gadsden County residents who saw Mrs. Jamison-Richardson's big heart to help the children shine through the arts. 

Shortly after Mrs. Jamison-Richardson and the students from East Gadsden returned from Carnegie Hall, she was informed that the arts programs were being cut from all of the elementary schools in Gadsden County due to budget cuts. It was at this point that Mrs. Jamison-Richardson felt a great burden to create a community-based solution for the children in Gadsden County, Florida, who  would no longer have access to the arts. At the end of the school year she decided not to return to her full-time job as a music educator at East Gadsden. Instead, she followed her convictions and made such a bold move based on the premise that not all children learn the same, which was based on her own truth as she, too, had personal learning challenges as a child in the traditional school setting, and she believed the arts saved her life. In establishing Legacy, Mrs. Jamison-Richardson used a great deal of her personal resources from her meager salary as a public school teacher, gathered a team of those who believed in her vision, and with the help of the community, Legacy now exists as a catalyst for change for the Gadsden County, Florida, community in that we are constantly working to restore the performing arts of music, theater, and dance back into the lives of those in the community who would like to one day realize their dream of taking center stage in the world of the performing arts.

When it came to naming the organization, our founder did so in memory of her mother and musician extraordinaire - the late Mildred Joyce Jamison who died when Mrs. Jamison-Richardson was only 13 years old, and other famous musicians and teachers who invested in her. However, it was mainly her mother who left a rich legacy of the arts behind for her  and her family to carry on in her absence, and is exactly what Mrs. Jamison-Richardson wanted the children at Legacy to do, which is why our slogan is: "Leaving a Rich Legacy of the Arts One Students, One Class, One Performance and One Opportunity at a Time. "

Today, Legacy is extremely proud to see our vision and mission materialize as we  have served children and families from all walks of life from nearly every school in Gadsden County, and have even attracted families from Leon and Wakulla counties as well. 
Rasheen Jamison-Richardson is a native of Orangeburg, South Carolina, and is one of eight children born into a musical family called the "Jamison Singers" and is the wife of Brian K. Richardson. In her capacity as the founding Executive & Artistic Director of Legacy Performing Arts Training Institute, Inc.  (Legacy), she utilizes her combined skills as a well respected arts administrator, entrepreneur, K-12 certified music educator,  professional vocalist, program evaluator, panelist, and her love for children to influence the lives of every family she encounters. Mrs. Jamison-Richardson is a graduate of the Florida State University College of Music having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music (Vocal), Bachelor of Music Education (Choral) - Cum Laude, and a Master of Music Education - Magna Cum Laude, and a Certificate in Program Evaluator from the Florida State University College of Education. Her highlighted honors include being named among the "2013 Persons of the Year" by the Gadsden County Chapter of the National Hook Up of Black Women, W.E.B DuBois Academic Honors Scholar, and Gold Key International Honor Society Scholar. 
Our Founder
Our Journey
As a freelance artist, Mrs. Jamison-Richardson has toured both nationally and internationally, performing in live concert as a classical vocalist as well as touring the East and West coasts with choral singing groups. On her second international visit to London, she studied music and graced the stage of Bloomsbury Baptist Church, rendering a great performance with Phillip Luke, head choir master and organist. She currently studies voice with renowned soprano Dr. Carla Conners, and throughout her performance career she has studied classical voice with the following world renowned vocal coaches: Dr. Angela Blalock, the late Dr. Willie Jackson, the late Professor Roy Delp, Barbara Ford, Dr. Mihoko Tsutsumi, and Dr. Christopher Swanson. 

As a K-12 certified music educator and choral director, she has years of experience teaching in both public and private schools at the elementary, middle, and high school levels in Orange, Leon, and Gadsden Counties in Florida school districts. She is also honored to have served as choir director for St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in Tallahassee, Florida. 

Today Mrs. Jamison-Richardson remains active in her field of study by performing, teaching, researching new methods, writing for her local newspaper, conducting professional development workshops, and as a grant panelist.
Celebrating 10 years of changing lives, community, and diversity through the performing arts in Gadsden County, Florida established in 2008
Our Mission
​The mission of Legacy School of Performing Arts Institute is to Discover, Develop, and Deploy young children who exhibit a promising future in the performing arts in rural communities where academic achievement, race, gender, body type and socioeconomic status serves as barriers to talent recognition.
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