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​ Legacy's 2017 Class Schedule

Our Twinkle Toes dance classes (toddlers) will prepare students ages 2-5 for our Creative Movement dance class by helping your child explore movement through various educational formats but in a fun, live, and inquisitive environment. This class will teach your child how to get use to using their body and mind in a structured yet fun way at an early age.

Our Creative Movement classes (baby ballet) will prepare our students (ages 5 to 7) for the world of dance through various styles of dance that will help your child develop an exploratory imagination, sequential memory of pattern recognition, and will enhance general motor skills. No previous dance experience is required. Our class sequence is as follows: Creative Movement Level 1, Creative Movement Level 2, and Creative Movement Level 3. 

Our ballet class will introduce students ages 7-18 to various classical dance techniques characterized by grace and precision of movement and by elaborate formal gestures, steps, and poses, which focus on building strength, poise, proper body alignment, and terminology.  Our class sequence is as follows: Pre-Ballet Levels 1-2,  Ballet Levels 1-4, En Pointe Levels 1-4, and Ballet Repertoire & Choreography.

Tap is an American Art Form whereby a dancer makes music with their shoes. Students (ages 2-18) who enroll often have fun experimenting with various musical elements such as percussive and rhythmic beats, smooth and light glides, improvisation, and sudden classical movements all at the same time.  Our class sequence is as follows: Tippity Tap Levels 1-3, Tap Dance Levels 1-4, Jazz Tap Levels 1-4, Tap Repertoire & Choreography.

Our Hip Hop class will introduce students to a wide range of styles that feature isolated body movements with specific rhythms and dynamic contrasts of sharp and relaxed qualities. This class also introduces students to stomp techniques that uses body percussion to express creative movements and free-style ensemble performance. No previous experience is required. Hippity Hop Levels 1-3, Hip Hop 101 Levels 1-2, Hip Hop JAM SESSION Levels 1-2.

Note: All students should expect to remain in each dance level for at least one year unless otherwise indicated by our dance instructor. Students who are new to Legacy must audition if they desire to advance beyound any level of our class sequence.

Dance Classes

Twinkle Toes 
Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:00pm-4:45pm

Creative Movement
Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:15pm-7:00pm

Tuesdays & Thursdays5:00pm – 5:45pm

Tuesdays & Thursday 5:00pm – 5:45pm

Tap Dance 
Tuesdays5:00pm – 5:45pm

Hip Hop
Monday & Wednesday 6:00pm-6:45pm

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Welcome to the world of DANCE At Legacy! 

We are so excited about starting a new 2017 school year at Legacy, and we can't wait to see all you new students start your excited journey on this amazing path of dance, and to see all you returning students continue on your path of stardom to becoming one of the best dancers this world has ever known. So get ready to turn up the heat on the dance floor! Enroll your child in grades K3-12th in a tap-dance class, ballet class, creative movement class, or hip-hop class so she/he they can use all that talent to leap, spin, bounce, and slide on the dance floor because it's time to DANCE!  Scroll down to view our tuition, class schedule, and more.
Bundle & Save!
Choose any 3 CLASSES in your division @ $11 each 
Family/Bundle Rate: $10 per class
.1 Dance Class per week @$13 per class
Family/Bundle Rate: $11 per  class 
Bundle & Save!
Choose any 2 classes in your division @ $12 each
Family/Bundle Rate: $11 per class
Dance Tuition & Fee
Note: All classes are listed based on our weekly rate but are charged on a monthly, quarterly, or full payment basis.
Legacy School of Performing Arts Training Institute is not a K-12 Academic School.  We are a community  501(c) 3 nonprofit arts organization.